Activity Centers

North Port Activity Centers map(JPG, 258KB)

What is an Activity Center?

These boundaries are designated to provide an area for coordinated development of industrial, commercial, professional office, residential, public and recreational uses. This designation provides for a variety of uses where project components and land use relationships are physically and functionally integrated.

How many are there?

There are 9 Activity Centers in North Port:

  • AC 1 is Mediterranea
  • AC 2 is Heron Creek
  • AC 3 is Gateway
  • AC 4 Panacea
  • AC 5 is Midway
  • AC 6 is The Shire
  • AC 7 is The Springs
  • AC 8 is The Gardens
  • AC 9 is Central Parc

Why are Activity Centers important?

Activity Centers offer unique opportunities for the City of North Port by offering diverse physical, economic and recreational amenities to both residents and prospective employers. Coordinated planning and development in these areas can create unique identities for areas within the City of North Port.