Tree Preservation

Tree Barricade Fact Sheet(PDF, 4MB)

City of North Port, Florida, finds and determines that trees:

  • Are proven producers of oxygen, a necessary element for the survival of mankind;
  • Appreciably reduce the ever-increasing and environmentally dangerous carbon dioxide content of the air and play a vital role in purifying the air;
  • Play an important role in the hydrologic cycle, transpiring considerable amounts of water each day, and they precipitate dust and other particulate airborne pollutants from the air;
  • Play an important role in cleansing stormwater runoff which passes from the surface to groundwater;
  • Stabilize the soil and play an important and effective part in soil conservation and erosion and flood control;
  • Are an invaluable physical and psychological addition to making life more comfortable by providing shade and cooling air, reducing noise levels and glare, and breaking the visual monotony of development on the land;
  • Provide wildlife habitat and fulfill other important ecological roles;
  • Provide shade and thereby reduce energy consumption;
  • Abate noise and create attractive buffering between incompatible land uses;
  • Furnish a canopy to protect other vegetation from the elements;
  • Are critical to the present and future health, safety and welfare of the citizens of North Port;
  • Preservation of trees adds an economic benefit to the City's tax base; and
  • Preservation of trees contributes to the beauty of the urban environment