Solid Waste Online Request Form Center


Please keep in mind, all Online Request must be submitted at least 1 day prior to your collection/delivery day, any online request that are submitted after 4:30 PM Monday through Friday and/or on Weekends or Holidays, will not be entered until the next following business day.   (For example, if you need to schedule a Bulk Collection for Monday (on your collection day), you will need to submit an online form by 4:30 PM on Friday)

1. Solid Waste Bulk Garbage, Bulk Yard Waste and/or Appliance/Metal Pickup Request

Please submit the request form to schedule a pick up for your next collection day.

2. Courtesy Extra Cardboard Only Request

Please submit the request form to schedule a collection of your Extra Cardboard.

3. New Construction Resident Container Request

Please submit the request form for Solid Waste containers to be delivered to a newly constructed home. If this is an existing home, no need to schedule container delivery, previous owner will leave containers at the home.

4. City Yard Waste Container Request

Please submit the request form and we will deliver the tote on your next collection day.

5. Annual Garbage Disposal Sticker and/or Additional Garbage Container Request

Please submit the request form to request an Annual Garbage Disposal Sticker and/or an Additional Garbage Container.

6. Additional Recycle Container(s) Request

 Please submit the request form to request a New or Additional Recycle Container(s).


7. Repair or Replace Damaged Container Request

Please submit the request form and we will schedule this request for your next collection day.

8. Change Size of Solid Waste Container Request

Please submit the request form if you would like to swap out any of your containers for a different size.

9. Missed Collection Garbage, Recycle, or Yard Waste Request

Please submit the request form for us to return.

10. Residential Dumpster/Roll-off/Container Rental Agreement Request

RESIDENTIAL RENTAL ONLY:  (Please call Public Works at 941-240-8050 to rent a container on behalf of a commercial business, please ask for our Solid Waste Commercial Department)

Please submit the request form to schedule delivery of a Rental.

PLEASE NOTE: Accepting delivery of container is agreeing to extra charges should they be necessary as established by delivery person or garbage truck driver. Fees must be paid before services are rendered. We do not place containers on the street or in the right-of-way. They must be located on property you own. Before delivering the container, a representative from Solid Waste will review and approve the location. After the location has been approved, delivery is usually made within two business days. Please call Solid Waste one business day prior to the day you wish to have it dumped or removed.


1. Use of a temporary container does not displace regular refuse service.

2. The container must be placed on the customer's property with a minimum space of 10'x10' available for front load containers. Containers cannot be placed in the street, in the right-of-way or on the sidewalk. If a customer requires a container to be placed in a right-of-way, a right-of-way use permit must be obtained and the receipt confirmed by Customer Service (941-240-8050) prior to delivery.

3. As a condition of service, container location requires City approval and a signed Temporary Container Rental Agreement must be on file at the Solid Waste Division.

4. Container damage is the customer's responsibility, and the customer must pay for all costs for repair or replacement, except only if due to City fault.

5. Generally, if the delivery truck is required to move/pull out a dumpster and a $27.50 "pull out" fee is charged in addition to the disposal charge.

6. The container must be accessible for pick up by the solid waste truck. A return trip charge of $27.50 is assessed if we must return to dump a container that had been scheduled and not dumped for any reason not the City's responsibility.

7. Rent is $2.26 per day for a front load temporary container. Roll-Off container rent is $4.51 per day.

8. All fees must be paid prior to container delivery.

9. Use of a temporary container is limited to 90 days maximum. After 90 days, the container will be removed from the customer's premises after reasonable attempts are made to contact the customer.

10. Call 941-240-8050 for pickup service. All requests for pickups require one business day advance notice (before 2 PM please). While the City will always attempt to work within the customer’s schedule, time of day requests cannot be guaranteed.

11. Automated Garbage Containers are delivered and dumped on the regularly scheduled collection day.

12. Containers are limited to weights listed above. The contents must be able to fall freely from the container and lids must be able to close. Any debris extending above the top of the container will be charged at a rate of $27.50 per cubic yard with a minimum charge of $27.50. Roll-Off containers may not have debris extending above the top rim. Such overfilled containers will either be brought into compliance (at a charge of $110.00 per hour and a minimum charge of $27.50) or not hauled until brought into compliance, at the driver's discretion.

13. Customers are cautioned that refuse trucks and equipment can be heavy. Any conditions susceptible to damage (e.g. driveway, curbs, lawn, sprinkler systems, shrubbery, etc.) by delivery, placement or dumping of a container must be disclosed to the City in writing at or before the time of delivery. The customer waives all claims for property damage or other loss, injury or claim against the City arising out of the delivery, removal, or use of said container. The customer similarly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City against all loss or liability from risks or claims arising from container location or placement.

14. Customer accepts risk and responsibility for any illegal or illicit dumping.

15. A delivery charge accrues for cancellation of a container delivery request on less than 24 hours notice.

16. Signing the attached Temporary Container Rental Agreement acknowledges receipt and understanding of these instructions and a willingness to comply with same. Containers will not be delivered without a signed Temporary Container Rental Agreement on file.

17. No hazardous materials, tires, appliances, or electronics may be placed in any container.

18. If doing a roof replacement, material must go in a roll-off no smaller than a 20 Yard Roll-off, no hire then fill line, and distributed evenly. 

19. Roll-off Rentals disposing of concrete and tile or any heavy material, may only be filled half way.

20. Dumpsters can not be used for Yard Waste

21. Residents may not use Roll-offs for undeveloped Land Clearing or Cleanup.  Please contact our Solid Waste Commercial Department for Rentals.





11. Pressure Wash Solid Waste Container Request

Please submit the request form if you would like to schedule to have your containers pressure washed.

12. Missing Container Request Form

Please submit the request form if you would to get a replacement of your missing container.