New Customer Information

Welcome to North Port Utilities

To better serve you, we ask that our first time customers, as well as customers who have had service with us before, take a few moments to review the following information for establishing water and/or sewer service. 

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  • Legal Proof of Ownership
    • Examples- Title, Deed or HUD Statement, first and last pages only, final copy with signatures 
    • *Customer has ten (10) calendar days from the date of closing to provide North Port Utilities with a copy of the signed proof of ownership documents (HUD, Warranty Deed, etc.) or the water will be shut off until it is received.
  • Outstanding balances or liens paid in full?
    • Per City of North Port, Chapter City (Ordinance 2015-49; North Port Code Section 78-24; b), The city will withhold water and/or wastewater and/or reclaimed water service under application made by any member or agent of a household, organization, or business unless all prior indebtedness to the city is paid in full.
  • In North Port, all residential utility accounts are opened only in the property owner's name.
    • Property owners can request a duplicate copy of the bill be sent to an additional party for $3.50 per additional paper copy.
  • You will be billed monthly after review and verification of your meter reading. Your bill will include standard, monthly base facility charge(s) in addition to actual consumption for water and/or sewer service(s). Please Click Here for current rates.
  • **Please be advised – Your first billing statement will reflect a $50.00 (during working hours) initiation fee. This fee covers the cost to (1) set up the new customer account, (2) process the necessary forms, and (3) provide one field representative, equipment and vehicle to activate the water service.**


If you have any additional questions, please call Utilities Customer Care and Cashiering at (941) 429-7122.

We look forward to serving you!