Codes & Documents

The following are some of the basic documents and local laws that affect land use in North Port.

North Port City Code
The City Code consists of all the ordinances (local laws) passed and amended since North Port's incorporation.

Unified Land Development Code
This Code contains all current regulations affecting development in the City.

Urban Design Standards Pattern Book(PDF, 10MB)
This document includes all design standards required for each of the Activity Centers in the City. There are currently eight activity centers all over the city with more planned for the future. All new construction or improvements to existing structures in an Activity Center must conform to these standards to help North Port foster a sense of place and style.

Heron Creek Towne Center(PDF, 32MB)
Heron Creek is Activity Center 2, in addition to the Urban Design Standards Pattern Book, Heron Creek has its own book that goes into further detail on design and development. This 80 page book includes design standards for non-residential, mixed use development in the Heron Creek Towne Center, and serves as Development Master Plan for all developments that take place within the Activity Center.

Heron Creek map