Low Wire

How to report a down or damaged Power Line, Cable Line or Wire

If you see a damaged pole, wire, cable or equipment, call the Utility it applies to or report it to the City.

Tell us about the situation

  • Your name and telephone number
  • Which services may be affected – telephone, internet, or power
  • How the services are affected – noise on the line, no dial tone, no connection, no power, etc.

It will be helpful if you can also provide:

  • Address, directions and/or landmarks to locate damaged equipment
  • Identifying numbers or marks on damaged equipment 
  • Description of equipment (i.e. Is the wire smaller or larger than a pencil?)
  • Cause of damage, if known – termites, lightning strike, car crash, tree limb, construction, etc.
  • Person/company responsible, if applicable
  • Description of damage – leaning pole, drooping/cut wire, equipment missing door, etc.
  • When damage likely occurred (such as days ago, weeks or months)
  • Any other information – emergency personnel on scene, additional damage imminent

Report a Low or Damaged Wire or Power Line

Did you find drooping wires or downed lines, in a yard or on the street?  Let us know.

Heads up: Extreme weather or other factors can bring down lines, including electrical lines.  Never approach a downed wire yourself. Always call your local authorities in an emergency.

If you are certain this is an Florida Power and Light powerline, then FPL should be contacted for this type of issue.  You can either call them at 1-800-4OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243) to report the condition or use the following web address: https://www.fpl.com/support/streetlight-single.html

If you would like the city to reach out on your behalf, please submit the online form