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Finance Department Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Finance Department is to preserve the financial integrity of the City of North Port, while assuring the availability of funds to accomplish the City's goals.

Primary areas of service are Finance, Budgeting, Accounting and Purchasing. Financial responsibilities include budgeting, accounts payable, payroll, investment management, debt management, district and capital assessment management, and overseeing the City's budget.


The employees of this branch prepare all financial reports in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), make all payments to vendors, and ensure compliance with state and federal requirements. This branch is also responsible for recording all revenue transactions for the City. Transactions include Utility payments, Solid Waste Pickups, Building Permits, Impact Fees and Parks and Recreation payments.

Finance and Budgeting

The Finance Department prepares the budget for the City on behalf of the City Manager and in cooperation with all departments. The fiscal year begins October 1st. The budget process for each year begins in January.


Purchasing is responsible for developing and implementing all policies and procedures related to purchases for the City of North Port. To ensure the financial integrity of the City, purchases of various goods and services are reviewed by Purchasing. For more information regarding Purchasing contacts and services, visit our Purchasing page.

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