Roadside Memorial Marker Program


The Department of Public Works has established a Memorial Marker Program to offer an opportunity to commemorate those who have died as a result of a vehicular accident on a  City-owned and maintained roadway. The road safe memorial will also act as an effort to increase public awareness of roadway safety.

In line with the Florida Department of Transportation's memorial program, the markers will be a round, aluminum sign panel, 15 inches in diameter, with a white background and black letters mounted to a 5-foot steel post. Markers will be inscribed with "Drive Safely, In Memory" followed by the deceased's name. If family does not want the Memorial Marker to include the deceased's name, the sign will read "Safe Driving Saves Lives." 

Memorial Markers available free of charge 

As these Memorial Markers are an effort to bring awareness to safe driving, the Department of Public Works will absorb all costs for construction, installation and maintenance of the markers. The Memorial Markers will be allowed to remain on the right of way for one year, however the City reserves the right to remove the sign at any time due to construction, other maintenance needs or any road safety concerns.

Memorial Marker placement

Memorial Markers may not necessarily be placed at the exact location where the fatality occurred due to restricted space, safety concerns or other constraints.

Request a Memorial Marker

Requests for Memorial Markers may be made by immediate family members or friends, with requests from friends requiring the approval of the deceased's immediate family. The Memorial Marker Program provides for one Memorial Marker per deceased and multiple/subsequent requests will not be approved.

To request a Memorial Marker, please fill out and submit the request form.