Permit Fees

Below is a table of the most common Permit Costs by Permit Type.

Permit Type Permit Cost
Above Ground Pool $89.60
Above Ground Gas Tank $110.30
Back Flow Preventer $89.60
Door Replacement $109.60
HVAC Change Out $89.60
Electric Service Change Out / Temp Power $89.60
Garage Door Replacement $89.60
House Re-Pipe $89.60
Irrigation $89.60
Fence $170.00
Shed starts at $85.00
Pool Heater $109.60
Roof $109.60
Screen Enclosure on an Existing Deck $109.60
Shutters (Hurricane) $89.60
Shutters with Electric (Hurricane) $89.60
Underground Gas Tank $110.30
Water Connect $89.60
Water Heater $89.60
  • A $40 fee will be added to any permit requiring an Occupation of Easement.
  • An Occupation of Easement is required when a fence is being installed in a 20ft or 25ft easement.
  • Additional fees may be applied based on application type, plan review, and required inspections.

For the Building Division's complete fee schedule, see Section D.