For questions about lots needing splits and combines:
Sarasota County Property Appraiser
(941) 861-8200 Office
(941) 861-8260 Fax

For questions about wells and septic systems:
Sarasota County Department of Health
(941) 861-3310

For questions about Scrub Jays:
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

For questions about Gopher Tortoises:
Gopher Tortoise Permits
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation


Addresses are assigned to properties only when building permits are submitted to the Building Division. Upon review of your permit package, a physical address will be assigned to your property. Until this happens, your property will be recognized only by its Parcel ID Number / TAX ID / Legal Description.

Lot Coverage

To obtain lot coverage, first find the square footage of the lot.

  • In Residential Districts: 35% under a hard roof is permitted
    • For example: On a 10,000 sq ft lot, 3,500 sq ft (35% of 10,000) could be covered by a hard roof
  • In Agricultural Districts: 20% under a hard roof is permitted.

Under a hard roof includes - living area, entries, lanais, garages, sheds, any any other area with a hard roof.