Emergency Services

The Emergency Services Division maintains the highest service standards through proper skills training and resource management. Ongoing training is an absolute necessity: all line personnel must be current in the knowledge and skills they need to fight fires, respond to medical emergencies and handle hazardous materials incidents and potential acts of terrorism.

The Emergency Services staff personnel include three Battalion Chiefs (Shift Commanders), 15 Lieutenants (Station Officers) and 72 line personnel. The Division is led by a Deputy Chief of Operations and a Division Chief of Emergency Medical Services.

The Emergency Services' fleet of emergency vehicles includes three engines (plus two reserves), two quints (combination engine and 75’ aerial ladder) (plus one reserve), five brush trucks, four ambulances (plus two reserves), one command vehicle (plus one reserve), one trench rescue trailer, one mass casualty trailer, one utility-terrain vehicle, one Rapid Attack Vehicle, and one 11’ inflatable boat.

Fire suppression services include responding to all types of fires, motor vehicle crashes, bicycle accidents, hazardous materials incidents, fire alarms, assisting in fire investigations, service calls and more.

Emergency Medical services provided to the community include trauma, seizures, head injuries, stroke, cardiac, allergic reactions and many more. North Port Fire Rescue District has highly educated, skilled EMS personnel who are able to combine the benefits of modern medical technology with the art of sympathetic care. In every emergency situation, department personnel approach potential patients with professionalism and empathy.

In just a few minutes, your Fire Department can deliver over a million dollars worth of equipment and up to 25 personnel to help you in an emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The North Port Fire Rescue District has provided high quality fire service to citizens since 1961. And in 1971, the District expanded its capabilities with a new ambulance service. Begun as a volunteer service, it provided emergency treatment and transportation to area hospitals.

In 1984, the ambulance service became a fully paid, professional service providing high quality emergency medical care and life saving intervention for critically ill and injured patients.

Today, North Port Fire Rescue paramedics often must make critical decisions with a limited amount of information and time. Thanks to their rigorous training and continuing education, these professionals can face such decisions with confidence. Proficient in the use of the most modern medical technology, they value and act with compassion.

911 Dispatch Reporting - View a list of dispatched calls for fire and rescue services, within the past 24 hours, for all of Sarasota County, or filter to North Port, as reported by the Sarasota County Public Safety Communications Center. Calls for medical emergencies are not listed for privacy reasons.

See radio transmissions live feed.