Mobile Food Vendors

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Operating as a Mobile Food Vendor within the City of North Port

Any mobile food vendor must adhere to all Florida State Statutes and must, upon request, provide the city a valid state license issued pursuant to F.S. 509.241

Where can vendors operate?

Mobile food vendors may operate at the below city-owned properties and the total operation must be contained within the designated areas.

Mobile food vendors may also operate on private property located within the following zoning districts with written permission of the property owner:

  • Commercial General
  • Industrial Light Warehouse
  • Neighborhood Commercial
  • Office, Professional, Institutional
  • Village
  • Planned Community Development

When can vendors operate?

Vendors must adhere to the posted business or park hours, or between the hours of 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. if no specific hours exist. Operating hours includes time required for setup and breakdown of the operation. A mobile food vendor shall not be permitted to remain at the operating location overnight or outside of operating hours.

Operation Areas Maps