Scoop the Poop

Help Us Keep North Port Clean & Pick Up After Your Pets

If you have a dog in the family, you can help prevent contamination of local parks and waterways by picking up after your pet. Not only is waste left on the ground smelly and unsightly, it contains harmful bacteria which can pose a health risk for pets and people, especially children!

When left on the street or side of the road, pet waste can be carried by rain into nearby waterways, which can result in an overgrowth of algae and aquatic weeds, reduce oxygen for fish, and make recreational areas unsafe for fishing or personal enjoyment.

The good news, you can help scoop the poop and prevent poo-llution.

What Can You Do?

  1. Bring It! Carry a scooper bag when you walk your dog.
  2. Scoop It! Use the baggie like a glove, scoop the poop, invert and seal the bag.
  3. Toss It! It belongs in the trash.
  4. Be a Champ! Encourage your neighbors to scoop it up too!

How to Properly Dispose of Pet Waste

North Port is a beautiful City. You can help us keep it that way by properly disposing of pet waste and following these steps:

  • Never dispose of pet waster in canals, catch basins, or by waterways. They collect stormwater and can carry it directly into public blueways.
  • Dog droppings cannot be used as fertilizer. Never place pet waste near a tree or in soil because the bacteria in pet waste is potentially harmful.


If you have questions or would like more information, contact North Port Parks & Recreation at 941-429-PARK(7275) or email