Unified Land Development Code Update

The City of North Port’s update to regulations governing development in the City


For questions on the ULDC drafts, email the Planning and Zoning Division at planninginfo@northportfl.gov.

To support or oppose the ULDC update, provide public comment in person at any workshop, presentation, or hearing or submit public comment according to the City Clerk’s Public Comment page on the City’s website. All properly submitted public comments will be included in the official record of the applicable meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ULDC(PDF, 3MB)


The City of North Port started updating its Unified Land Development Code, or ULDC for short, back in 2015. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the City has not yet adopted a new code. However, the City’s Planning and Zoning Division anticipates the completion and adoption of a new ULDC in late 2023, effective in early 2024.

The updated Unified Land Development Code will contain five chapters and an appendix of definitions. With the ULDC update, the City will adopt a new zoning map. All existing, permitted uses and structures can remain in place even if the new zoning map changes the property’s zoning designation. To view Staff’s presentation of the drafts to the Planning and Zoning Advisory Board and City Commission, please see the applicable agendas in the chart below:

The meeting agendas include the draft chapters and staff presentations. To view the meeting video, go to the meeting calendar online and search for the applicable board and meeting date—for example, City Commission Workshop on November 7, 2022, or the Planning and Zoning Advisory Board meeting on December 15, 2022.

Information on Adoption

As Staff completes the drafts of the updated Code, they will present the drafts to the PZAB and City Commission for comments. Staff will revise the drafts accordingly and provide a final version of the updated ULDC at public hearings, as the State of Florida requires in F.S. 166.041. Per the statute, the State of Florida requires two (2) public hearings for the adoption of the updated ULDC. The first hearing is the first reading of the completed document, and the second is the adoption hearing. Public comment is allowed at all workshops, presentations, and hearings. The updated Code is not adopted until the City Commission votes to adopt it at the adoption hearing.

Why change the Code?

The City adopted the existing Unified Land Development Code in 2010. The City has changed a lot since then, and some state and federal laws impacting the City have changed too. The ULDC update will overhaul the Code to better reflect the City of North Port’s vision for its future, resolve conflicts within the Code, and correct the Code to adhere to state and federal regulations.

The updated Unified Land Development Code will also reorganize how the Code presents information. The ULDC will be organized into five chapters with the definitions in the appendix. Each section of the Code is numbered to describe the chapter, article, and section in which it is located. Chapters 1-5 are highlighted below.

Chapter 1 - General Provisions

Chapter 1, General Provisions, provides the Unified Land Development Code’s legal framework and general concepts and is divided into the following articles:

  • Article I, Adoption of the Unified Land Development Code
  • Article II, Zoning Districts and Official Zoning Map
  • Article III, Concurrency Management
  • Article IV, Transfer of Development Rights

Chapter 1 Draft(PDF, 279KB)

Chapter 2 - Development Review

Chapter 2, Development Review, details the City’s development application requirements, processes, and decision-makers. Table 2.2.1 includes information on the new application types:

Application Categories Details Section
Annexation, Voluntary Voluntarily Incorporate Land into the City limits 2.2.3
Appeal Appeal a decision by staff, a board, or the City Commission. 2.2.4
Comprehensive Plan Amendment Changes to the Future Land Use Map or Comprehensive Plan Text 2.2.5
Conditional Uses Development of property indicated as CU in Chapter 3 2.2.7
Development Agreement Formal agreements with the City, usually relating to a specific project 2.2.8
Division of Land Splitting, Combining, and Adjusting the division of land 2.2.9
Master Concept Plan Design and Configuration of a property for development, voluntary and mandatory 2.2.6
Public Art Fulfillment of Public Art Requirement for AC Districts 2.2.10
Rezone Change the zoning designation on a property, standard, and village 2.2.11
Site Development Plan Review structures and infrastructure for proposed development 2.2.12
Special Exception Request a Special Exception use 2.2.13
ULDC Text Amendments Change the text in the ULDC 2.2.14
Vacation Remove or relocate a platted lot line, easement, or right-of-way 2.2.15
Variance Request reduces standards from the ULDC 2.2.16
Waiver Request City Commission waive a code requirement 2.2.17
Minor Planning Applications Applications where staff is the Decision Maker in Table 2.2.2, 2.2.18

Staff's presentation of the new zoning districts from the January 9, 2023 Commission Workshop

Chapter 2 Draft(PDF, 813KB)

Chapter 3 - Zoning

Chapter 3, Zoning provides information on the City’s zoning districts, establishes the permissible uses, and details use-specific standards for development. This chapters separates the City’s zoning districts into three categories: Standard Districts, Village Districts, and Activity Center Districts. Each category has its own use table which indicates whether uses are Primary (P), Accessory (A), Conditional (CU), Special Exception (SE), or Prohibited (X). Primary and Accessory Uses are allowed by right. Conditional Uses must meet the specific conditions included in Article VIII to be allowed by right. If a Conditional Use does not meet the conditions in Article VIII, the use requires a Special Exception. Special Exceptions require Commission approval to be allowed. Prohibited uses are not allowed in any circumstance.

Staff's presentation of the new zoning districts from the April 10, 2023 Commission Workshop

Chapter 4 - Site Development

Chapter 4 is still under construction. Staff anticipates this chapter to be workshopped in July.

Chapter 4, Site Development specifies the requirements for individual sites or proposed multi-site developments. This chapter will include Rules of Measurement, Buffers and Landscaping, Construction Standards, Design Standards, Fire Safety, Land Clearing, Marine Improvements, Parking and Loading, Signs, Stormwater, Subdivisions, Transportation, and Utilities.

Discussion regarding ULDC rewrite, specifically for activity centers and updated zoning map from the Nov. 6, 2023, Commission workshop:



Staff presentation on site development from the Dec. 4, 2023, Commission workshop:

Environmental Resources

Chapter 5 is still under construction. Staff anticipates this chapter to be workshopped in October.

Chapter 5, Environmental Resources specifies the requirements for protection of the City’s environmental resources.


The Appendix of the ULDC houses all the definitions. See the Use Definitions for the working list of definitions.