Connecting Job Seekers with Employers

As the state's and the region's economy remains strong, job openings are available. North Port continues to grow as skilled workers and professionals choose to live in the city because of our ideal location, enviable quality of life, housing choices and amenities.

Connecting career seekers with employers starts with providing up-to-date and relevant information. This webpage seeks to help in this important first step.

Employ Florida is the state's central clearinghouse of workforce development information. It is highly recommended that both employers and job seekers create an account to search for the state's robust database to assist in their specific needs. Many area employers have also found it very helpful to post their requirements in the site. Improvements have been made to this state website to make the process of connecting these two sets of people in a meaningful and efficient manner. In addition, there are various partners in the region that help ensure a vibrant workforce market in our area providing information resource as well as training opportunities.