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The City of North Port Utilities Department is here for you - our water and sewer customers and the residents and visitors of the City of North Port. We are very proud of the products and service we deliver. Great customer service comes first! Please contact us if you need assistance:

About Us

The Utilities Department is made up of four divisions; Administration, Field Operations, Water Treatment Plant and the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Each division has very unique responsibilities, but all the divisions work closely as a team and depend on each other.

Customer Care and Cashiering office

Located at North Port City Hall at 4970 City Hall Blvd. This office has an inside customer care counter and drive through for customer bill paying convenience. Open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. Have a billing, payment, account, new account, or customer service inquiry? Give us a call at (941) 429-7122.

To offer even more convenience, we offer FREE pay by phone, 24/7. Call (941) 429-7122.

Service office

Utilities management and service staff are located temporarily at 5930 Sam Shapos Way off of North Port Blvd. This office takes care of administration items such as  budget, rates and ordinances, customer care inquiries, grants and awards, contract administration, developer and new customer services, billing and account management, State/Regional coordination, and emergency management. Have a service or emergency inquiry? Give us a call at (941) 240-8000.


Located in our office at our temporary office at 5930 Sam Shapos Way, Engineering staff takes care of project planning and engineering, construction oversight, mapping, GIS, infrastructure inspections for projects and development, and utilities locates.

Field Operations

Field Operations is responsible for the maintenance and operations of all water and sewer transmission infrastructure which includes 107sewer lift stations, 130 miles of sewer gravity lines, 70 miles of sewer lines, 3000 manholes, 1632 fire hydrants, 307 miles of water transmission lines, and 3000 valves. Field staff also helps with the maintenance of the Water and Wastewater Plants and the three booster stations and storage tanks. Field meter reading staff read over 20,000 meters every month, rain or shine.  Our backflow professionals are also located at this office. Field staff offer customer care 24/7 for service and emergency situations.

Water Treatment

Our Myakkahatchee Creek Water Treatment Plant is located on North Port Blvd. between the Myakkahatchee Creek and the Cocoplum Waterway. Water is drawn from ground water wells and treated at the Reverse Osmosis facility and drawn from the Myakkahatchee Creek which is treated at the surface water treatment facility. To achieve the best quality water, the two are blended, stored, and distributed from the plant. Additionally, water is purchased from the Peace River and is stored and distributed from this location as well as the three booster pump storage stations throughout the City.

Our most recent facility is the Southwest Water Treatment Plant located on Manasota Beach Road within Wellen Park. It also features a reverse osmosis system.

Wastewater Treatment

Our North Port Wastewater Treatment Plant is located on Pan American Blvd and treats wastewater for over 13,500 customers. The plant has a potential daily treatment capacity of 7.0 million gallons per day. The plant is a conventional, activated sludge facility with screening, aeration and secondary clarification capabilities. Treated wastewater is distributed to many areas in the City as reuse irrigation water.

Added in 2022 is our Southwest Water Reclamation Facility located near Wellen Park.


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