Street Lights

Street lights throughout our beautiful City are owned and maintained by the City of North Port or Florida Power & Light (FPL).

The City maintains the following street lights in North Port:

  • All decorative lighting along sidewalks.
  • Lights on Toledo Blade Boulevard, Sumter Boulevard, North Port Boulevard and City property.
  • Street lights with an aluminum pole.

FPL maintains the following street lights in North Port:

  • Street lights with a concrete or wooden pole, with electric wires.

Report street light issues with FPL

Requesting a Street Light

Residents can submit requests to Public Works for streetlights to be installed within the right-of-way. If you would like to request a street light in your neighborhood, please call Public Works at 941-240-8050. Each request will be submitted for review and approval. Requests for residential streetlights will be considered if:

  1. The budgeted funding is available.
  2. The infrastructure is in place (poles, transformers, wiring, etc.). Florida Power and Light poles must run through the front of the property, not the rear of the property.

In addition to the above requirements, one of the following criteria must be met for a streetlight to be installed:

  • Must be located near a cluster of at least five homes(PDF, 334KB). A cluster is defined as houses side by side and/or across the street.
  • Must be located near an officially designated school bus stop.
  • Must be located in an area where three traffic accidents (during night hours) have occurred within the last twelve months.
  • Must be located within a one block area where two incidents of crime (during night hours) have occurred over the last twelve months.

If the request is approved, the resident who submitted the request will be contacted. Approved requests are forwarded to FPL, who will provide an installation schedule. There will be no cost to the resident. If the request is denied, the resident will receive a letter from the Public Works Director.

Private Residential Requests to FPL for Outside Lighting

Residents can also setup an agreement with Florida Power & Light to install outside lighting on their residential property. Generally, FPL can install an outdoor light on a resident's property if the home or property is being served from a utility pole(s). Outdoor lights will only be installed on poles that are located in front of the property. To facilitate the installation of the requested light(s), please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Outdoor Lighting Information Form(PDF, 153KB). Enter your information, select the light type and quantity that you want installed and sketch the position of the light. You will find complete instructions on the form.
  2. Please read and complete the Outdoor Security Light Agreement(PDF, 137KB).
  3. Mail or fax the Agreement and Outdoor Lighting Information Form to:
    2245 Murphy Court
    North Port, FL 34289

For more information, please call FPL at (941) 423-4839 or (800) 375-7680.