Traffic Signal Cabinet Artwork Wrap Program


Let's dress up our traffic lights! Have you ever noticed those big metal boxes on the side of the road near traffic lights? They're called traffic signal cabinets, which contain all the equipment that controls the traffic signals.

The City of North Port is launching the Traffic Signal Cabinet Artwork Wrap Program. Its goal is to make boring metal boxes look more attractive by covering them with artwork.

Here's how it works:

  • Artists create designs specifically for these cabinets and submit them through the form below. 
  • The submissions are reviewed by the Art Advisory Board and subsequently presented to the City Commission for final approval. 
  • The artwork is then printed onto wraps that can be applied to the outside of the cabinets.

But don't worry, even though the cabinets are covered in artwork, they can still do their job of controlling the traffic lights. The wraps don't interfere with the equipment inside the cabinets.

Locations and Specs(PDF, 4MB)

Click here to view form.