RAINY SEASON: Reminder to maintain proper soils retention by installing and maintaining silt fence/straw socks or bales as required on all construction sites until permanent vegetation is established.

Special Hurricane Provisions. During such periods of time as are designated by the National Weather Service as being a hurricane watch, all furniture, display racks, material, and similar loose objects in exposed outdoor locations shall be lashed to rigid construction or stored in buildings. The Building Official shall issue orders to secure all construction sites. Orders shall be oral or written and shall be given to any person on the premises most logically responsible for maintenance or by email to the responsible entity if such entity is known.

In accordance with CONP ULDC Sec. 46-42. – Specific prohibitions. (6) Construction and demolition: operating or permitting the operation of any tools or equipment used in construction, drilling, repair, alteration or demolition work between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. the following day on weekdays or 9:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. on weekends and holidays in or within 50 yards of any residential area or noise-sensitive zone, except for emergency work by public service utilities or by a variance approved by the city commission.

Please take note to the most recent changes to Permit Forms.  The amended documents ensure the information submitted is aligned with the correct requirements.  The Building Division continually strives to make improvements for the citizens of North Port. 

What do I need to obtain a building permit?

You will always need the parcel ID number and your lot, block and addition. You can get this information from your tax bill, or by visiting the Sarasota County Property Appraiser's website or calling the Office at (941) 861-8200.

You will always need a completed building permit application. Application forms are available at the Building Division, located on the first floor of City Hall (4970 City Hall Blvd.) or online at the Permit Application Forms page.

Important: The builder who does the work obtains the permit. If someone offers to do work for you but does not want to apply for the permit, that person probably is not licensed. You will then be responsible for the work. In each and every case, whoever applies for the permit is responsible for the work.

If you are building a house, you will find our New Single Family Residence Permit checklist(PDF, 187KB)  to be very helpful.

If you are adding a shed or a fence, you will need 4 copies of your survey showing where the shed or fence will be placed along with the set backs from your property lines (both sides and rear). If you are erecting a shed other than those purchased in kit form, then we will need plans and engineering information.

If you are adding on to your home, we need 4 copies of your survey showing where the addition will be, how far from your lot line it will be, and building plans (3 copies of each please) — just as though you were building a new house. We also need to know who will be doing the work.

4 sets of plans are required when a right-of-way is needed, otherwise, 3 sets of plans are sufficient.

Commercial Permit Applications: Because they are more complicated than any other type of permit, we require you to call and make an appointment for submitting commercial permit applications. Please call (941) 429-7044.

Note: Site plans are most useful if you make a copy of your survey and indicate on it where you plan to place the shed, addition or fence.

Building code information may be obtained at the following websites.