City Commission Districts

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  • District 1: Vice Mayor Alice White
  • District 2: Mayor Barbara Langdon
  • District 3: Commissioner Debbie McDowell
  • District 4: Commissioner Pete Emrich
  • District 5: Commissioner Phil Stokes

The North Port City Commission approved the creation of five districts within the City of North Port. This is based on an approved referendum by North Port voters.

To ensure the residents of North Port’s five districts have equal representation (as stated in the City Charter), the City Commission, by ordinance, adopted the boundaries of the five districts based on the following set of criteria:

  1. Each district shall be formed of compact, continuous territory;
  2. The districts shall be based on the principal of equal and effective representation as required by the United States Constitution.
  3. The districts shall be equal in population as possible, with no more than a 5 percent deviation in population based on average population of the districts.

The City Commission represents all North Port residents. Each Commissioner lives in their assigned district, giving them vital insight into the needs of that particular portion of North Port.