Fire Rescue Fees

Emergency Medical Services Billing and Report Fees

Under the City’s Code, North Port Fire Rescue is authorized to charge for Emergency Medical Services (i.e., Ambulance) calls for service and for copies of fire and/or EMS reports.

The Fiscal Year (ORD 2019-18) rates are as follows:

Emergency Medical Services Billing

Item Fee
Basic Life Support $740.00
Advanced Life Support Level I $800.00
Advanced Life Support Level II $825.00
Per Mile Charge $14.00
Medical Treatment without Transport $175.00
EMS staff and ambulance waiting time with patient to be billed to the hospital $123.76 for the first 1/4 hour past the 30-minute mark and then $30.94 per 1/4 hour thereafter

Report Fees

Copies of fire and/or EMS reports are $0.15 per one-sided page.

Fire and EMS Standby Fees

User Fee Rates

For FY 2019-20, Commission adopted the current Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Schedule of Equipment Rates(PDF, 342KB) for all vehicles and equipment owned by the City. Please refer to the attached document for the appropriate charges.

Below are the fees for Fire Rescue personnel and classes:

Description Fee
User Fee Rates for FF/EMT/PM $47 per person per hour
User Fee Rates for Supervisor/Lieutenant/Fire Inspector $54 per person per hour
User Fee Rates for Manager/Captain/Battalion/Division $60 per person per hour
Ambulance $41.76 per hour*
Brush Truck $49.03 per hour*
Fire truck/1250 pump with rescue equipment $97.71 per hour*
Water Tanker $104.95 per hour*
Aerial truck 75 quint $122.69 per hour*
Command Staff Vehicle $19.97 per hour*
All Terrain Vehicle $29.92 per hour*
User Fee Rates for Healthcare Provider, Heartsaver, AED and/or First Aid Training $35 per person per class

*2021 FEMA Rates; fees subject to change based on FEMA rate schedule
Note: User Fees could be waived for District participation in City-sponsored events or Community events when approved by the City Manager and/or City Commission

Non-Ad Valorem Fee Information

For many years, the City of North Port has funded fire rescue and first response medical services for its citizens through a non-ad valorem assessment. Rates are based the cost of providing these services and how much each category of property benefits from these services. The non-ad valorem assessments are required to provide sufficient revenues for fire/rescue services. The level of fire service provides some of the most affordable fire insurance rates in the area. Your insurance costs are based upon an Insurance Service Organization (ISO) Fire Suppression Rating of 1/1Y which is the highest rating a fire department can receive. This rating indicates that North Port Fire Rescue provides excellent protection from loss due to fire and helps preserve property values through the availability of these fire/rescue services.

In July 2013, the Fire Rescue District contracted for the development of a Non-Ad Valorem Assessment Methodology Study(PDF, 2MB)  which would establish rates to recover the full-cost requirement of providing fire protection service to properties within the District limits. The rates would be in proportion to the benefit received from the fire protection service provided by the District, initially for for fiscal year 2014, then applied to subsequent years.

On September 7, 2023, the North Port City Commission adopted the non-ad valorem rates for the North Port Fire Rescue District for the 2023-24 fiscal year.

Benefit Tier Equivalent Benefit Unit (EBU) Rate per EBU

Tier 1 - Response Readiness Availability

Applicable to all non-exempt parcels - improved and unimproved

  • Improved Property - Per Parcel
  • Unimproved Property
    • Under 5 acres -- per parcel
    • Over 5 acres -- per 5 acres (Parcel EBU), rounded down to nearest 5 acres

Tier 2 - Protection from Loss of Structures

Applicable to non-exempt improved parcels

Per $5,000 of Structure Value (Structure EBU), rounded down to nearest $5,000 $2.53

If we can assist with questions regarding the Methodology or rates please contact Fire Rescue at (941) 240-8150.

Plan Review and Inspection Fees

Fire Plans and Specialty Reviews

Fire Prevention Fees